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Interview with Jennifer Lane about Master Suite

ActualidadSims had the opportunity to interview through videoconference Jennifere Lane, producer of The Sims 3 Master Suite, who told us lots of interesting things about this new stuff pack and also about its development process.


Which of the objects has been the most difficult to make and which of them is your favorite one?
Well, that’s one of the questions I haven’t seen, what is the most difficult one to make… That’s a very good question. With the objects in the stuff pack I would think that one of the most difficult one to make is the bed. And the reason why, (it may not be the most difficult and some of our object modelers may disagree with me) but when we are initially making the bed you know there is a lot of animation with it. There’s a lot of things you can do with the beds and now with pets you can have pets sleep on the beds. There’s so much functionality with the bed that you have to be very careful when you’re building it so you don’t break things. So that’s one of the most difficult things. The bathtub actually was one of the most difficult objects as well.


My favorite object and you know I said this before that my favorites change every day because I’ve been seeing this objects for months at a time and I get very excited to finally see them and finally be able to play with them. Now my current favorite are the single curtains because I think is very nice, I’m so glad we offered something were there’s a left and right side so you have the ability to make the curtains as wide or as thin as you want. You don’t have to fit them to the window, the curtains will fit to the window and it’s a nice decorative item. I also really like the bed because you can do so much with it, you can give it a really antique look or you can give it a very modern look. I love the fact that there’s a whole style to it in addition to the bed with the curtains and…


Jennifer Lane, producer of The Sims 3 Master Suite


In relation with the development process of this game, what is the most difficult part and what is the part that you most enjoy doing as a producer?
You’re asking some really good questions! And King likes it too, he’s happy that your asking me difficult questions. The most difficult part of development… I would say that’s the part when you’ve decided what you’re going to do, you know what you want to build, but you don’t have it in your hands yet so it’s in the stage were people are building things. Sometimes what you are expecting to see is exactly what you get, and sometimes is not because you come across a technical difficulty. So I think is that waiting period were you don’t know what’s going to happen.



But it’s the unknown part where I’m like: how is it gonna be? What is it going to really look like when you get in the game? For me that’s the most complex part. I think also the most difficult thing too is when we get an unexpected bug when we first put this in the game. Say you have a dresser, it’s a dresser, we know how those are going to act in the game. Every once in a while the way it’s built, it might be a litte bit too small, it might be too large and it’s going to cause this problem you never expected to see and that’s also kind of fun trying to figure that out and get that fix. Why is this happening, that’s very interesting for me.


The most fun part is when I finally get to play with everything and test things and work with the team. My favorite part of development is working with other members of the team because as a producer I’m no longer building this stuff it’s the team and being able to work with them and see them build this stuff… The people on the team are just amazing, I can’t begin to tell you how talented and good people they are. That’s my favorite part of working on the team is being able to work with this people together.


The new bedroom and bathroom objects will be available only for the richer sims or can normal sims afford them?
They are somewhat expensive but they’re within range of other items you will find. Let me know on twitter and forums how you guys feel about that. They are more luxury items but I don’t think they are out of reach of an average simmer as well. I didn’t want to get the price too much higher than anything else.


The theme chosen for this game was it demanded by the sims community, you decided in the team or both?
It’s never one place were the theme comes from we take feedback from all over so part of it comes from the community saying ‘Hey we want more of this items’, certainly not everybody wants them because we don’t all have the same opinions so that’s why we have to get opinions from all over. We have heard a number of ‘Why aren’t you doing more intimate wear?’, ‘Why aren’t you doing more sexy wear?’. We did some of this stuff in the Sims 2, we want more of it. We do talk about what we would like to do as well. We also look what’s really popular and trending. Specifically for Master Suite, taking all of that and also knowing it was going to come out close to Valentine’s day really make it like, that would be a really nice theme to come out. It can come from a hundred sources so that’s why it takes some time to narrow down that theme.


In which sections of Create a Sims can we find new outfits and new contents, and is it all oriented to the romantic theme?
We do have some items that are romantic theme and you’ll see some more on the store as well. This is the first time for the Sims 3 that we’ve really focus on intimate wear whether is lounge wear to relax or, you know, to have a really romantic evening at home. We’ve talked with a lot of people and they’re always like: Why aren’t you making things more sexy? Why are you being conservative? This was the opportunity to do that and push the limits a little bit and that’s what we chose to do this and I hope people like it. I’ve talked to some people and they’re really excited by that and glad that we have done that so we’ll see. And (you know) like I tell everyone please, I’m on twitter, I can’t always be on twitter but I trying to be active, we are active with the community, I want to hear your feedback.



Talking about the building mode, there’s new items like doors, windows, more paintings, floors…?
We did not add any floors or walls, but we did add two new windows, there’s a door, there’s a fireplace, there’s a column. What else is in build mode, I’m trying to think… windows, doors… That’s the majority of it. And the windows are very different, we have a privacy window that’s high up on the wall, people can’t see in. We have a really beautiful window that not only provides light into the house and you can see out it but its dimension really adds to the building structure of your house.


How many new hairstyles have been included in this stuff pack?
There are five new hairs for Master Suite Stuff, four of them are for female sims and there is a male hairstyle.


Are there new interactions with the new objects included in this game?
There are not any new interactions with the objects and the reason for that is it’s very rare to do that with a stuff pack. We like to concentrate on offering more variety and more options to the game that you’re playing so you can tell new stories. Really with new interactions, new careers and new traits, we like to focus on those with our expansion packs.


Apart from adult sims is there objects or clothing items related to other ages like children?
In this particular pack we stayed away from children, it’s all focused in adults and young adults. In previous packs we have had a number of things for children and I know people want more things for children and that’s one of the reasons why we did generations where there was a big focus and we have done that with some of the stuff packs. With the particular theme for Master Suite we felt it was more of an adult sim focus.


The designs of the objects and outfits you make for this game are made up or based on designs of real objects and outfits?
They are made up so, we have a group of artists that will make concepts and sketches of things they like. We are influenced by things that are popular in the world, things that are trendy or (things that are) very classy but the actual designs are based on… it might be a hundred different things that come together as one item. So they’re definitely unique, individual although there may be some elements that are influenced by other items.


Apart from the normal objects like beds, showers, baths… what new decoration items can we see in the game?
In fact, one of the things I haven’t talked very much about is we have this really pretty double door that has the same kind of pattern in as the fire place and I don’t think I even showed that during the chat but that’s something that is really nice for decor. We do have four different lights including a wall light which is a really nice dangling light. We have a variety of plants and flowers so there`s lots of décor. We have perfume bottles. There is a painting that stands on top of a table, I called it easel painting. There’s a number of different little decorative items that really enhance the lots that you’re building.


If you had to convince someone to buy this stuff pack what would you say?
I don’t like to convince anybody, that’s just not me, but I can say what I like about it and what people might like about it. I really like the variety of it, I really like the style of the furniture, it’s really angular and straight so it has a modern feel but it also leaves itself to being influenced by create a pattern extremely easily so just by changing the pattern you can give it a very romantic flavor, a very industrial flavor, or you can even antique it up by using some different patterns. I love the fact you can mix and match it with other Sims games you may already have. It works really well with base game. And I don’t know if you saw the screenshot were we put it with nightlife but it just shows they’re taking two completely different packs worked very well together and we’ve done that with ambitions and Late Night and I’m really happy how well you can mix and match this items.


And finally, are you looking forward to working in the future for another accessory pack, is there any plans for a new one?
We can’t talk about anything we haven’t announced. I’m really excited to be working on the stuff packs and glad we’re having some focus on them. Right now the team is working to release Showtime after Master Suite Stuff so I can’t talk beyond that but, we are happy to be here and hope people like what we have built so far.

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